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Anchor Audio Liberty Platinum AC/DC Powered Portable Sound System

Anchor Audio Liberty Platinum AC/DC Powered Portable Sound System


The Liberty DUAL Deluxe Package (LDP-7500DUAL) includes the most popular, portable sound system on the market. Choose between the LIB-7500MU2 speaker with an MP3 player, or the LIB-7500CU2 speaker with a CD player, and you also get one LIB-7501 companion speaker. Either system comes with the companion speaker, two built-in 16 channel wireless receivers, your choices of two wireless mics, two speaker stands, a connection cable, and a mini cable to plug in external audio source. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts 6-8 hours on a single charge. There is a charging LED bar indicator, and two universal microphone jack inputs on the back. It also has a "Voice Over" music ducking feature. Use it for schools, corporate events, sports, places of worship, and more!

Speaker with Built-In CD Player & Two Wireless Receivers

  • LIB-7501 Companion Speaker
  • SC-50NL Connection Cable
  • Two SS-550 Speaker Stands
  • Choice of Two Transmitters: WH-6000 Wireless Handheld Mic or WB-6000 Belt Pack
  • Choice of Two Wireless Handsfree Microphones (if you chose the WB-6000 Belt Pack): CM-60 Collar Mic, EM-TA4F UltraLite Mic, HBM-TA4F Headband Mic, or LM-60 Lapel Mic
  • Mini Cable to Plug in iPod or External Audio Source

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