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Leaf and Debris Collector

Leaf and Debris Collector


The model 4420 leaf & debris vacuum is powered by a 9.5 Kohler gas engine with electric start, and comes with a standard mulching kit. Designed to turn your lawn & garden tractor into a leaf eating machine with a nylon flail brush that feeds a 22 inch impeller to quickly clean your lawn without leaving a mark. The versatile nylon flails clears grass clippings, pine straw, and other debris from your well groomed lawn.

  • 9.5 HP Kohler gas engine with electric start

    Standard mulching kit
    Standard nylon flails
    Optional nylon brush head for grass clippings only
    22 inch impeller
    Optional hydraulic unloading conveyor (requires 1 pair of hydraulic remotes)
    Leaf & Debris Collector 4420
    Pick Up Head Width 44"
    Hopper Capacity 2 Cu. Yard
    Machine Length 96"
    Machine Width 51"
    Machine Height 68"
    Machine Weight 920 LBS
    Double Sided Impeller Standard
    Impeller Size 22-1/2" x 9" x 1/4"
    No. of Blades 12
    Impeller RPM 1245
    Flail Nylon Hammer Standard
    Bristle Nylon Brush Optional
    Manual Unloading Apron Standard
    Hydraulic Unloading Apron Optional
    Mulching Kit Optional
    Hitch Adjustable Draw Bar
    Tire Dimension Turf Saver 16 x 6.5 -8
    Engine 9.5 HP Kohler Electric Start
    Shipping Dimensions 78" x 51" x 74"
    Shipping Weight 980 LBS

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